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Supreme Bodybuilding; Success Tips

Many successful bodybuilders have different financial backings, background and ethnicity, but they have earned similar respect for bodybuilding. Acknowledging the mechanisms of bodybuilding and adopting the mental ethics for success can help you exceed numerous genetically inclined bodybuilders.

Bodybuilding Is Not About Going To the Gym

Just because you go to the gym and workout does not mean you are bodybuilding. You are leaving over 70% of your gain to chance if going to the gym is your strategy. In order to build your body, you need to acknowledge every physical requirement of building your body, while avoiding deviant mental inclinations to mislead you or rationalize slacking.

Avoid Under and Over Training

Make up your mind and ask yourself this question: what is the difference between saving energy for your next exercise, and straining yourself? The plain truth is that, these two choices achieve the same failure. Always, guys tend to avoid the absolute law of muscle building "lifting heavy" by adopting the rationale that hitting every machine arm in the gym can make them build muscles faster. This could be more toxic to your gains.


It is not about what you eat, but you should reinforce the fact that as a bodybuilder, you must prioritize superior nutrition in your diet. It is completely a call to take bodybuilding supplements to facilitate the process. You cannot deny bodybuilding supplements unless you have an excess matter from food. Nutrition deficit is often the cause of over training symptoms in a realistic workout regimen.


Adequate sleep accounts for about 30% of muscle growth and 40% of good health. As a bodybuilder, the ideal sleeping hours are 8-10 a night. While you sleep, all the body maintenance functions turn on. In contrast, if you don’t receive enough sleep your body struggles to maintain basal needs, muscle building testosterone level fall, stress hormones rise and you will not only feel it, but also look like crap.

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    Mahmoud El-Guindi

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