• Whey Protein Vs Casein Protein
  • Mahmoud El-guindi
Whey Protein Vs Casein Protein

Proteins provide essential amino acids in the body, which serve as the building blocks for the new muscle formation, but not all protein diets are equal. The two milk proteins, whey and casein, are excellent sources of all the essential amino acids. However, the difference between these two proteins are determined on the basis of their chemical properties.

Different In Digestive Rates

In a digestion process, whey protein and casein protein can be referred to as either quick or slow digesting proteins respectively. When you talk about the fast digestion rate of whey, you are essentially saying that it will provide a quick, high peak in blood amino acids. Therefore, ingesting whey protein promptly before workout is the best since it offers an acute, intense elevation of blood amino acid and hence muscle protein synthesis. On the other hand, casein digests slowly, providing a prolonged-release effect, resulting in a slow, gradual rise in blood amino acid levels.

Muscle Building and Tissue Repair

When you want to judge them on the account of muscle and tissue repairing ability, then whey shows faster and better results than casein. In the case of fat loss and weight loss, these proteins are equally beneficial, but whey is more beneficial for muscle building and bodybuilding than casein due to its faster rate of absorption.

Amino Acid and Calcium Content

While both whey and casein are considered complete, whey contains a larger proportion of leucine, which is the key regulator of muscle protein synthesis. This does not mean casein lacks the normal amount of leucine for muscle protein synthesis, but it means you will need large amounts of casein on per gram basis to ingest as compared to pure whey protein. Calcium is a generous component of casein and is more abundant in casein protein supplements than whey protein supplement. So, if you want to build strong bones, then you need to ingest more casein protein.

  • Mahmoud El-guindi

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