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The Science of Building Muscle for Men Bodybuilding

The Science of Building Muscle for Men Bodybuilding

When you gather bodybuilding advice from anyone who is offering it, you receive a lot of mixed messages. The reality is, most of the information about building muscle and using mass gainer supplements is someone’s opinion. Even the most reputable men bodybuilding websites often share tips based on their experience. While experienced-based information isn’t always a bad thing, no two people are the same and one’s experience building muscle using “this one specific workout supplement” for men isn’t necessarily going to provide the same results for you. Do you know what can be trusted though? Science. Understand the science behind building muscle for men bodybuilding and you’ll know exactly what to expect and how to get the muscle growth you want.


What to Expect as a Beginner or Intermediate Male Bodybuilder

As a beginner bodybuilder, you can gain approximately 15lbs of muscle in three months if you follow a science-backed bodybuilding plan. In other words, if you start bodybuilding properly and use bodybuilding supplements that actually work, you can see muscle growth of up 15 lbs.

If you’re an intermediate bodybuilder wondering what your mass gainer supplements and lifting regimes can do for you, you have already experienced the most amount of muscle growth in the smallest amount of time (beginner phase). However, continuing on your bodybuilding journey and following the principles of a science-backed bodybuilding plan will help you overcome plateaus. This allows you to continue building muscle. In two to three months, you can expect noticeable gains.

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Muscle Growth Slows Down After 6 Months

After the six-month mark, your muscle growth will slow down but you should see approximately 2 lbs. of muscle gain each year. Don’t let this discourage you. Instead, recognized that your growing muscles require increasingly high stimulus. Once you reach this stage, getting significantly bigger takes years of work. It’s a lifestyle.


Weight Loss is a Separate Goal

Losing weight is a key component to getting that ripped, sculpted appearance you’re working towards. However, bodybuilding will not result in weight loss. By lifting weights, you are building your muscles and will not lose fat by doing so. So, weight loss is a separate goal that needs to be incorporated into your regime. You may want to add some cardio and clean eating into your bodybuilding lifestyle or natural health and wellness supplements that promote weight loss. You can shop fat burners online the next time you grab your bodybuilding supplements.


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Take Bodybuilding Supplements That Actually Work

Now, the science behind bodybuilding for men may sound confusing. After all, there are plenty of celebrities and Hollywood stars who bulk up in a matter of a couple of months for a new role. Do not be fooled. The only way to go from an average build to Hulk-huge is the unhealthy, unnatural way.

However, there are many natural bodybuilding supplements that will help you build muscle faster, such as mass gainer supplements and other natural bodybuilding supplements. Testosterone is also required for muscle growth and maintenance but your body can only produce so much. So, adding a testosterone booster can help increase your growth, naturally.


Building muscle as a man comes down to a science. You will not become Hulk-size in a couple of months. Instead, bodybuilding is a gradual process. You will see the largest amount of muscle growth in the shortest timeframe during your first three months. After that, it will slow down. However, with the right bodybuilding supplements that work, a science-backed regime, and consistent work, you can achieve your bodybuilding goals. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see the muscle growth you want. So, grab your mass gainers, testosterone boosters and bodybuilding supplements that work from Vita Monster today.

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