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Post-Workout Supplements

Post work out nutrition is as important as other nutritional demands of your body during workout. It helps in three main aspects viz. replenishing energy stores or glycogen, increasing muscle size and quality and repairing any damage caused during a workout session.

After each work out session, your body needs energy to replace and restore the wasted muscle glycogen. It may utilize any source like amino acids within your muscles to get energy, which leads to muscle wastage. It is essential to take post work out supplements to provide carbohydrates to your body for restoring glycogen. These supplements also help in producing development of rapidly acting health proteins that helps in production of essential amino acids. Post workout supplements commonly contain carbohydrates, protein and Creatine to meet all your post work out goals. Vitamonster brings you an ultimate range of post work out supplements for fitness freaks, weight gainers and body builders.

VitaMonster carries a wide range of post work out and recovery supplements from popular brands like Beast Sports, BPI Sports, Controlled Labs and lot more. All our products are available at very competitive prices. Browse through our catalogue to buy the best health supplements at reasonable prices.